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Reviews and Testimonials

Discover how Toppik continues to enhance, not only our customers’ appearance, but also their lives. 

Video playlist below includes:

  1. Toppik Reviews: Melina's Testimony and Experience with Toppik Hair Building Fibers
  2. Toppik Reviews: Ahmed's Testimony and Experience with Toppik Hair Building Fibers
  3. Toppik Reviews: Zoe's Testimony and Experience with Toppik Hair Building Fibers
  4. Toppik Reviews: Andrea's Testimony and Experience with Toppik Hair Building Fibers

    Read Reviews From Customers Like You

    We’re sharing some of the most powerful and heartfelt Hair Building Fibers reviews from those who have used Toppik Hair Building Fibers.

    “I have very thin hair and over the years, it’s become so bad that you could see my scalp. I was very self-conscious and tried to cover the bald spots as best I could but nothing worked. My hairdresser told me about one of her clients that used Toppik and how well it blended with her own hair. I ordered the product online the next day and 2 days later it arrived. I used it immediately and couldn’t believe the transformation! It now looks like I have a full head of beautiful silvery gray hair and it’s so easy to use. It is now a part of my daily morning routine and I even carry one in my car in case I need a touch-up! I love Toppik!
    Name: Creampuff
    Age: 55 to 64
    Gender: Female

    “My hair has been thinning more and more over the years especially towards the front of my scalp. I have been so self conscious. I discovered this product several months ago. I like to call it my “self esteem in a bottle.” I can not go a day without it. The confidence it has provided me is mind blowing. It stays on when I work out or after a long day of work. Best product I’ve tried and I will be a customer as long as I have this hair problem.”
    Name: JessMia2310
    Age: 25 to 34
    Gender: Female

    “I COULD HAVE CRIED after my FIRST use of TOPPIK. My fine thinning hair now looked fuller with no bald spots showing thru. I use it once a week after my hairdresser washes and sets my hair. Infact she is the one who originally showed me this product. It covers and stays covered. Thanks Toppik for making me feel good again.”
    Name: Cathy
    Age: 65 or over
    Gender: Female

    “This product is amazing. It makes my hair look fuller and no more bald spots. It looks so natural. My first application I cried with my mother (I know not very manly to say) she has helped me through my hair loss since I was 18. I am now 25, and my prayers seem to be answered. Thank you guys very much!”
    Name: Josh
    Age: 25 to 34
    Gender: Male

    “I have been using the Toppik fibers and other products for about 13 years now and love it. I have told many people about Toppik over the years. I always get compliments about how thick my hair is (from those who don’t know that I use it). A great product.”
    Name: CJ69
    Age: 45 to 54
    Gender: Male

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